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MAR 11-13 - Lee will be an emcee at the Will McLean Festival, Dade City, FL www.willmclean.com

APRIL 7-10 - Lee Hunter & Walter Parks, Stringbreak Festival, Brooksville, FL with Jimmy LaFave, Steel Wheels and more! www.riverhawkmusic.com

MAY 3 - Lee Hunter & Joey Kerr, private event

MAY 21 - 7:00-9:00pm Lee Hunter & Joey Kerr, "Night Sounds at Sebastian, Sebastian Inlet State Park, Melbourne Beach, FL www.friendsofsebastianinletstatepark.org

MAY 27-29 - Lee Hunter & Joey Kerr, Florida Folk Festival, with special guest, Landon Walker-White Springs, FL-www.floridastateparks.org/folkfest/


Some thoughts from Arvid . . . .

"What began as an adventure has grown into the education of a lifetime. I can say the spirit of accomplishment has been the thread that has woven the fabric of this past time of my life. Through the diligence, creativity and wisdom of Lee, I have produced the best work of my life, the best recordings, stepped onto some formidable stage settings with artists that I never would have dreamed of sharing those stages.

Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith press photo 1995

Press Photo 1995

Perhaps most important are the colleagues who became friends along the way. Across the country and across the sea our family has grown far past a mere mutual admiration society. Lifetime bonds were forged. I have certainly grown as a musician and have learned that the first step is to see past the narrow. I have also learned the value of patience as a goal in itself. I humbly thank those around me for their generosity and love. They have been as much a part of this journey as the countless uphill steps that continue to greet me each and every day." --Arvid Smith

Some thoughts from Lee . . . .

"I was drawn to this music because of my fascination with storytelling and with the power of music to bring people together. Like Arvid, I am humbly grateful to all of the dear friends who have nurtured us, encouraged us and supported us along the way. It is a wonder to look across the country and around the world and know that we have deep and lasting friendships that have come out of doing what we love. How very fortunate we are!

I am especially thankful for Charlotte Mabrey, my friend and teacher. I never set foot on stage or rehearse or create without thinking of something that she taught me. It was Charlotte who recommended me when Arvid called her looking for a percussionist so many years ago. Most of all, I thank Arvid Smith, who saw something in me that I didn't always see in myself. Through all that it has taken to make our career, Arvid has shown great patience, even with the whackiest of my ideas, and he has shown tremendous grace. His love for and knowledge of all kinds of music has been and continues to be a great inspiration. I am a songwriter and a much better musician because of his encouragement. I never imagined my life would take the path that it has, and I wouldn't change it for anything."--Lee Hunter


A little background

In December 1992, after a number of years of collaborating on a variety of projects-sound design for Shakespeare productions, as side players in the indie rock band, Soul Guardians, and as producers and performers in a number of performance art productions, Arvid Smith and Lee Hunter recognized their mutual passion for American and British roots music, and the duo that would come to be known as Tammerlin was born….only first, they called themselves Tory Voodoo. Yes, it’s a great name and the British press loved it, but a lot of American presenters didn’t. Reluctantly, Arvid and Lee came up with a new name, Tammerlin, which thankfully doesn’t mean anything.

And so began a creative partnership that is now celebrating 20 years of music-making. In that time, they’ve recorded 6 critically acclaimed CDs and a cassette tape, received airplay all over the world, burned through 3 minivans, a Toyota Corolla and a Hyundai, and logged close to half a million miles not including air travel. They have performed at all kinds of venues, from CBGB’s to the Kennedy Center, from house concerts to the Smithsonian, sharing the stage with artists such as Doc Watson, Emmylou Harris, Martin Simpson, The Band, Del McCoury, Richie Havens and Alex deGrassi.

From the beginning, Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith -Tammerlin have been placing their own stamp on folk/roots music. What you’ll hear is exceptional guitar work accompanying clever original songs and traditional tunes pulled from the roots of American music-a little bit folk, pop, country, old time, British Isles and blues-with some world music flavorings. Always aiming to convey to the listener their love for the story…this is the magic of the music of Tammerlin.

Please join Tammerlin in celebrating their 20th anniversary year.

Some thoughts from our friends . . . .


Sonny Thomas introduces Tammerlin at a Fiddle & Bow concert 1999

“We've booked Tammerlin a number of times over the last 15 years or so and it's always been a pleasure to have them. Great musicianship and easy to work with. One of the best folk acts in the Southeast.”

Sonny Thomas, Fiddle & Bow Society, Winston-Salem, NC

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith in Locronan, France with Jean-Luc and Felicie of Mary-Lou

Arvid with Jean-Luc and Felicie of Mary-Lou, Locronan, France 2006

"We had the honour to play with Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith in USA and in France several times, and we have wonderful memories of that. The guitar playing of Arvid and the songwriting and voice of Lee, the way they manage their career have inspired us. They put their heart in the music they play. We have been very glad to invite them on our cd "Courrier Transatlantique" in 2009. The celtic side of their music look familiar to us here in Brittany, and no doubt that the french audience would give them a warm welcome if they happen to play again in France."

Jean-Luc & Mary of the band, Mary-Lou, France



“We have had the pleasure of having Tammerlin perform 3 times on our Paddle Florida events; twice on the Suwannee River and once in the Florida Keys. The mellifluent song stylings of Lee Hunter, paired with the virtuoso guitar work of Arvid Smith have entertained many of our participants on Paddle Florida trips. We look forward to the next time they can perform for us in the wilds of Florida"

Bill Richards, Executive Director, Paddle Florida, Inc.

"In the mid 90's, Arvid and Lee brought light, love and laughter to a new venue in Coconut Grove, at the Barnacle State Historic Site. They helped to begin a musical program that has spread to many other parks across the state. Their legacy will live on, as the years roll by."


Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Florida Folk Festival, White Springs, FL on the amphitheatre stage, 2000

Amphitheatre Stage, Florida Folk Festival, White Springs, FL, 2000

"When Arvid Smith unleashes his double-neck electric guitar, folk fans will think: "Egads! He's twin-channeling Dylan at Newport AND Led Zep's Jimmy Page". Well, yes . . . sort of. Yes, Tammerlin's music is roots music dug deep from equal parts Appalachia and the British Isles, sprung to life by Smith's now tasteful, now hellbilly-wild finger-picking on acoustic guitars and the songbird yet earthy cooing of singer/rhythm guitarist Lee Hunter. But Tammerlin isn't chained to those roots -- rather, they remain CONNECTED to them even as Smith summons an electronic loop on that Page-ian doubleneck, turbo-charges some slide licks on his Melobar lap steel or, on fleeting occasions, contacts the infinite drone via his sitar. And, along with playing trad tunes that were old even when Dr. Ralph Stanley was a tyke, Tammerlin also connects to those roots via a number of originals by Hunter: songs about counting hawks on the highway or the bittersweet memories of a Clair de Lune summer -- songs that possess pop smarts yet sound like something the folks down home would sing. That's Tammerlin: More sly than Dylan going electric, more adventurous than the folk fundamentalists. At the end of the day, it's music that will leave the ghost of Woody sighing, "Damn, I wish I coulda used one of them electric loops on some of my songs"."

Rick de Yampert, Daytona Beach News Journal

"We've followed Lee & Arvid since the days of Tory Voodoo. The evolution of Tammerlin's sound is right up my alley! Lee's songwriting and Arvid's guitar skills aren't enough for these two. They surround themselves with talent from all over the country for a fresh crisp sound. From the sultry "See that My Grave is Kept Clean" to country "Claire de Lune Summer" I think "One Kind Favor" is my favorite album."

Robin Soergel

"Over the past 6 years it has been a true pleasure to work w/ Tammerlin. Lee and Arvid have played the Greater Good Music, Art and Children's Festival since the very first year and I look forward to working w/ them for the 2013 show. The music they create has a special place in our festival and always is a high point in the weekend!!!! They are true professionals and great people too!!!"

Ric Kindle, producer of the Greater Good Music, Art and Children's Festival

Arvid of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith with Bob Patterson at the Will McLean Festival, 1999

Arvid with Bob Patterson, Will McLean Festival, 1999

"Congratulations on 20 years of perfoming together. You have always been special to me and I know you have made a difference in a lot of people's lives with your music. Proud to be your friend"

Bob Patterson

David LaMotte, Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith Wind Horses CD session at Chris Rosser's studio, Asheville, NC

David LaMotte, "Wind Horses" session at Chris Rosser's studio in Asheville, NC, 2001

"The way to get really, really good at something is to keep doing it for a long time, study the subtleties and polish your craft. Lee & Arvid have put in the time, offering their music to the rest of us for two decades now. It shows."

David LaMotte

"Watching Tammerlin is always SUCH A JOY! For 20 years, I've had the pleasure of listening to Lee & Arvid create one of the most innovative melting pots of magical sounds & textures in the national music scene. They blend cultures, grooves & instruments with such amazing grace, talent & beauty. It just keeps getting better!!!"

Annie Wenz

Del Suggs and Longineu Parsons, Wind Horses session at Pete Winter's studio, Tallahassee, FL  2001

Del Suggs (R) and Longineu Parsons, "Wind Horses" session at Pete Winter's studio, Tallahassee, FL, 2001

"There are very few musical ensembles that have moved me like Tammerlin. I've been a huge fan since the first time I heard them perform, and I think it's the sum of the parts that appeals to me: Lee's gentle, haunting voice; Arvid's astonishing guitar chops; their musical genius in arrangement and performance. In my entire career as a singer and songwriter, I've been moved to write a song specifically for an artist only twice. Tammerlin recorded the song I wrote for them. Linda Ronstadt did not. Thank you for twenty years of sharing your unique art and talent with us all. We are better for it."

Del Suggs

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith, with Leon, Jeff and Martha Ward at Leon's home in Staines, UK, 2006

Arvid with Leon (L), Jeff and Martha Ward, Staines, UK, 2006

"I first heard the music of Lee and Arvid many years ago...they were going by the name of "Tory Voodoo" at the time...and I have my old Mum to thank....I remember her asking me if I`d heard of them...apparantly she heard a track on the Ian Anderson Folk Show on BBC Radio 2...quite late one night...Anyhow, this song, "All our trades are gone" from the album, Roll Down Thy Window, made quite an impression because she wrote off to the show to find out some more, and a letter came back saying they were a duo from the U.S.A. working independently of the record companies, financing their own cds and gave an address to write off to for more information...This she did and struck up a great friendship with them by mail...sadly they never got to meet as Mum passed away before Lee and Arvid, or Tammerlin as they were now known, made it over to England. I was extremely touched when they wrote a song for her (Charing Cross Road Friend) and honoured when they then asked me to put a guitar solo on it... Here`s to the next 20 years guys..."

Jeff Ward, Clonakilty, Ireland

berly's letter

"Drawing on their interest and knowledge of blues, Celtic music, the sounds of Appalachia, and other world music influences -- music grounded in the past -- Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith create their own new music too, filled with ideas that connect past to present and future through the stories and melodies that connect us all. Lee’s clear voice and Arvid’s inventive guitar work always make for a fine experience, whether you catch them mixing song old and new at a holiday evening concert or at a busy workshop in the midst of a school day. Thanks for all the music, Tammerlin, and here’s to continuing the journey."

Kerry Dexter, Music Road - musicroad.blogspot.com

"Those magic moments outside at Ray and Karen's porch with Mary Lou joining in are some of my favorites. Wandering deer herds, crazy lightning, sharing potluck pinics and Ray and Karen's cowboy dance all helped to make those perfect intimate concerts. The warmth and fun between the musicians and audience ... beautiful."

Andy & Jeanne Goshen

"I'll never forget the first time seeing Tory Voodoo and of all the wonderful music they made, the haunting sound of the bell in the water has stayed with me. Here's to twenty more years my friends."

John Hancock

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith with Jimmy Riddle, Black Mountain Music Festival, 1997

Lee with Jimmy Riddle, Black Mountain Music Festival, 1997

"Tammerlin were good friends to the UU Coffeehouse in the early years, willing to open shows or co-headline shows as the need arose. Having their talented musicianship grace our stage in our formative years added a level of credibility to our series that has continued to the present time."

Jimmy Riddle, Co-Founder of UU Coffeehouse Series, Columbia, SC

Lee & Arvid of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & ARvid Smith with Walter Parks, New York, New York, 2000

With Walter Parks, New York, New York, 2000

"I've marveled at this magical duo for all the years they've been at it. I'm always pleasantly surprised by Lee's mysterious and bigger than life singing quality. Arvid's fingerpicked atmospheres have inspired me second only (perhaps) to Jimmy Page."

Walter Parks

"Tammerlin is a long-time favorite. Acoustical magic that soothes the soul!"

Wayne Wood

"Amazing musicians….just watch their fingers fly!"

"Mrs. Kate" Carpenter, folksinger, songwriter and storyteller

Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee with mandolin and Arvid with dobro, photo by Walter Parks

photo by Walter Parks, 1999

"As the Executive Director of The Arts Council of Greater Palatka, I have worked with Lee and Arvid for ten years. They are devoted to delivering exceptional music. Their talents are endless and delight their audience whether it is a school setting or a concert for the public. They have delighted our community in Putnam County with their Christmas program, Wintersong, a program like none other. I appreciate their talent along with their personal relationship we have developed over the years. I thank you both for becoming part of our musical community."

Denise Aiken, Executive Director, Arts Council of Greater Palatka

"The directors & friends of The Friends of Florida Folk, Inc, wish to thank Lee & Arvid, aka Tammerlin, for sharing their great music with us for 20 years – and counting. Here! Here! to the next 20!"

The Friends of Florida Folk, Inc.

KennedyCenter Headline

"One Sunday afternoon several years ago (prior to the era of the GPS) Lee & Arvid were to perform a gig at the UU Dome concert series (UU Church of Tampa). When they were just a few miles from the church, Lee called and asked for help with directions. At that point they were well ahead of schedule, and there was no time crunch. I provided Lee with directions and expected them within a few minutes. But they didn’t show up. As concert start time was nearing and still no sign of Lee & Arvid, I began to get nervous. Eventually they rolled in – with just a few minutes to spare. Lee was her usual sweet, calm, smiling self. Arvid appeared a wee bit frazzled. When I asked what had happened, Arvid started to speak but Lee politely shushed him & explained (sweetly of course) that I had sent them on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction. I had gotten my directions mixed up & had sent them south instead of north. I apologized profusely. We had a quick sound check followed by a wonderful concert . No harm done!"

Gloria Holloway, Concert Committee Chair, UU Church of Tampa.

"Besides the last concert with Charlotte and Philip at European Street which we all thought was magical, I remember the "Porch" concert at Ray and Karen's with your French friends. Food, fun (including a canoe trip for old times sake), old friends, great music, and a bonfire - what more could you ask for? Also I remember an impromptu concert on a camping trip. Carl was with us and we camped on the edges of a clearing in the center of which was a log cabin - may have had a screened-in porch. After dinner it started to rain hard (I think!) , and we all headed to the log cabin and sat on the floor. For the rest of the evening we heard and participated in some great music - chasing away the rain (it was very late!). No disturbing other campers- we had this whole area to ourselves! Congratulations on 20 years!!!"

Betsy, Tom and Carl Schifanella

Arvid and Beth Judy early festival

Arvid with Beth Judy, Suwannee Springfest, 1999

"Tammerlin's music is enormously respectful of traditional music while carrying it to an exciting new place. It's always fresh and innovative. This wonderful duo has been a special part of Magnolia Music & Events festivals for a long time."

Beth Judy, Magnolia Music & Events