lee Hunter & Arvid Smith

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 Arvid Smith of Tammerlin (Lee Hunter & ArvidSmith) with Jean-Luc Brosse of Mary-Lou

Arvid & Jean-Luc of "Mary-Lou" 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at European Street for the 20th year celebration with Philip Pan, Lis and Lon Williamson, Jean-Luc and Felicie of Mary-Lou, Darren Ronan and Ernie Ealum and Charlotte Mabrey

The finale, 20th year celebration, European Street Listening Room

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, with Philip Pan and Darren Ronan

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform with mary-Lou at the Courtyard Concerts, Neptune Beach, FL

Tammerlin and Mary'Lou

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Deland Art Festival

"Blind Willie McTell" -Deland Art Festival

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith takes a solo

Nice solo!

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin with Sue Cunningham at Suwannee Springfest

At Suwannee Springfest with special guest, Sue Cunningham

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith on sitar


 Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Riverside Arts Market with their "Wintersong" program

"Wintersong" at the Riverside Arts Market

for Radio Bleu in Sace, France, Festival de Sace

Live Radio performance in Sace, France

Lis and Lon Williamson of the Gatorbone band perform with Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the High Springs house concert

With Lis and Lon Williamson

Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Gamble Rogers Festival, ST. Augustine, FL

Gamble Rogers Festival

Lee Hunter and ARvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Lodge, Hawthorne, FL with David Beede

At the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Creek Lodge

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens with Charlotte Mabrey & Philip Pan

"St. Johns River Dream" at the Cummer Museum with Philip Pan and Charlotte Mabrey

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens for "A Vision Awakening: A celebration of the Cummer Gardens" with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

"A Vision Awakening" at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens-Lee with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

Greetings & Music News

Hello friends!

It's been a great spring festival season so far, beginning with the kick-off of Garden Month at the Cummer Museum. It was a bit brisk outdoors, but the crowd was huge and happy. We love our neighborhood museum! The Will McLean Festival, as always, was just as sweet as it could be. It's our family reunion. We look forward to it every year. Lee played in a song circle late Friday afternoon. Everyone struggled a bit with cold fingers, but we heard some really great songs, and Saturday was warm and beautiful. Thanks to all who attended our sets. The festival this year was dedicated to the memory of Jan Glidewell, a good friend of Florida folk music, and Pete Seeger. We decided to end our Saturday evening set with Pete Seeger's "My Father's Mansion". Arvid broke out the sitar for that one, and Lee sang that simple, powerful song. It was nice to pull that one out of the archives! Suwannee Springfest was a blast. We're fortunate to have been a part of that "musical weekend by the river" for so long.

And we're not done with the festivals yet! April is quiet, but coming in May we'll be at the Gamble Rogers Festival in St. Augustine and the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs. We're making our first appearance at ArtsQuest Fine Art and Music Festival in South Walton County way out on the panhandle. We also have a number of school presentations for a residency in Putnam County, Florida.

We want to tell you about a very special concert taking place in Monticello, FL on April 12 at the Monticello Opera House. Our good friends, Lis and Lon Williamson are hosting a concert by "Mamajowali"-an African fusion trio. Mamajowali is Mamadou Sidibe, our dear friend, the amazing Joe Craven (Joe played a fiddle track on our "No Small Thing" CD) and Walter Strauss. It's not just a concert, it's a cultural event!! These musical veterans have created an amazing sound and vibe with their unique approach to composition with traditional instruments as well as those of new design. If you are anywhere in the Tallahassee area, you won't want to miss this! Tickets are available on line at www.monticellooperahouse.org/tickets

We would love to hear from you! There are a couple of ways to do that. You can e-mail us at tammerlin@tammerlin.com. Or, you can "Like" us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/Tammerlin/ You are welcome to post comments and photos and invite your friends.

Thank you for your friendship and your continued support of our music! We look forward to seeing you out there somewhere!

Lee & Arvid

Upcoming Shows

Remember, all dates are subject to change, so you should contact the venue to confirm.

MARCH 31 - Lee with Charlotte Mabrey, Philip Pan, Kevin Bodge and Barbara Colaciello, excerpt from "A Vision Awakening", private event at The Cummer Museum & Gardens, Jacksonville, FL - www.cummer.org

MAY 2-4 Gamble Rogers Festival, St. Augustine, FL - www.gamblerogersfest.org

MAY 9  7-10pm, Courtyard Concerts, 200 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL www.200firststreet.com

MAY 10-11 ArtsQuest Fine Arts & Music Festival, Miramar Beach, FL www.artsquestflorida.com

MAY 15 - School residency, Putnam County, FL sponsored by the Putnam County School Board and the Arts Council of Greater Palatka-www.artsinputnam.org

MAY 16 - School residency, Putnam County, FL sponsored by the Putnam County School Board and the Arts Council of Greater Palatka-www.artsinputnam.org

MAY 22 - School residency, Putnam County, FL sponsored by the Putnam County School Board and the Arts Council of Greater Palatka-www.artsinputnam.org

MAY 23-25 - Florida Folk Festival, with Landon Walker on bass and accordion-White Springs, FL-www.floridastateparks.org/folkfest/

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Arvid's corner

Road trips mean traveling music-a chance to become aquainted with new sounds or an opportunity to meet and savor an overlooked masterwork from the past. Our recent February concert at Gage Hall in Charleston afforded me the delight of carefully lending an ear to a release I overlooked when it came out and has since been largely forgotten by the rest of the music world. "And rightly so", said more than a few, including its creators. Said opus was The Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request". Released late in 1967, it has been largely written off as a lame attempt to answer The Beatles momentous "Sergeant Peppers" earlier that same year. Keith Richards even called it "a load of crap". I personally hung on every note of every tune and chuckled at some of the antics included (the segue between "In Another Land" and "2000 Man" is a few seconds of Bill Wyman snoring).

Historically speaking the record was done over several trying months that saw the Stones both off the road and in and out of jail as well as too many substances and no one to tell them "no". Their first manager even walked out on them, leaving the lp the only self-produced Stones work. Still there are some memorable songs, Off the bat is "Sing This Song All Together" with it's rousing chorus. Personally I love the English Folk feel of "2000 Man", and Brian Jones' mellotron "2000 Light Years From Home" does not leave me in peace. Reviews at the time were scathing, however, and The Stones retreated to the shelter of the gritty Blues they do best with the followup, their largely acoustic first masterpiece "Beggars Banquet" .

For me however "Satanic Majesties" reflects perfectly the spirit of the times. I was in high school in '67 and, if anything, the lp stands as the psychedelic era's last great cosmic chutzpah. If the road to wisdom is paved with excess, as Blake said, "Their Satanic Majesties Request" was the two lane blacktop.


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Lee's Corner

Spring is here with all of the music the festival season brings, so there's plenty of time spent rehearsing and traveling and enjoying the company of friends. I also find that it's the time of year when the garden really calls for some clean-up and attention, so a couple of weeks ago I took a good long day to prune and fertilize and assess the damage from the winter freezes. The butterfly garden took a big hit, but I think everybody is going to be okay. The cold was really a blessing. If we had gone another year without a freeze, we'd be lost in a butterfly jungle! The roses are quite happy. The yellow jessamine is just about done, but it had hundreds of blooms on it. The blackberry bush is covered in flowers and so is the Meyer lemon tree.

The best part of spring is the time spent with friends at the festivals. The Will McLean festival is one of my favorites for that. It truly is a family reunion. It's low key and peaceful. There's lots of great music and jam sessions without the frantic running from one place to another that often happens in a festival situation. There is luxurious time to catch up and visit. I was honored to be included in a songwriters circle with some very talented people, Larry Mangum, Malcolm McKinney and Janet Rucker. It is still always amazing to me the variety of approaches and arrangements to good songwriting! It was quite moving to play Pete Seeger's "My Father's Mansion" on the main stage Saturday night. I have to say that my favorite moment of the weekend was seeing Art Crummer's new band with their hard hats and construction vests! Too much fun! Thank you, Margaret Longhill, Bari Litschauer and all who help the festival, for all that you do to bring us together every year!

Of course, returning to Suwannee Springfest was like coming home. I loved hearing the McCoury's in their workshop reminisce about working with John Hartford, and it was great to hear a bit of Sam Bush's set. It's always good to see my old friend, the Suwannee River, too. I look forward to visiting her again in White Springs for the Florida Folk Festival.



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Tammerlin Recordings

Roll Down Thy Window (1995) Binky Records (recorded as Tory Voodoo)

Third Weeks A’Lightnin’(1996) Binky Records

Wind Horses(2002) Binky Records

One Kind Favor(2005) BirdsTale Records

No Small Thing(2008)BirdsTale Records

WinterSong(2011)BirdsTale Records

There are a number of ways that you can purchase Tammerlin’s music. All of the information is on the “discography” page on our website.

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