lee Hunter & Arvid Smith

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 Arvid Smith of Tammerlin (Lee Hunter & ArvidSmith) with Jean-Luc Brosse of Mary-Lou

Arvid & Jean-Luc of "Mary-Lou" 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at European Street for the 20th year celebration with Philip Pan, Lis and Lon Williamson, Jean-Luc and Felicie of Mary-Lou, Darren Ronan and Ernie Ealum and Charlotte Mabrey

The finale, 20th year celebration, European Street Listening Room

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, with Philip Pan and Darren Ronan

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform with mary-Lou at the Courtyard Concerts, Neptune Beach, FL

Tammerlin and Mary'Lou

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Deland Art Festival

"Blind Willie McTell" -Deland Art Festival

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith takes a solo

Nice solo!

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin with Sue Cunningham at Suwannee Springfest

At Suwannee Springfest with special guest, Sue Cunningham

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith on sitar


 Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Riverside Arts Market with their "Wintersong" program

"Wintersong" at the Riverside Arts Market

for Radio Bleu in Sace, France, Festival de Sace

Live Radio performance in Sace, France

Lis and Lon Williamson of the Gatorbone band perform with Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the High Springs house concert

With Lis and Lon Williamson

Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Gamble Rogers Festival, ST. Augustine, FL

Gamble Rogers Festival

Lee Hunter and ARvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Lodge, Hawthorne, FL with David Beede

At the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Creek Lodge

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens with Charlotte Mabrey & Philip Pan

"St. Johns River Dream" at the Cummer Museum with Philip Pan and Charlotte Mabrey

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens for "A Vision Awakening: A celebration of the Cummer Gardens" with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

"A Vision Awakening" at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens-Lee with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

Greetings & Music News

Hello friends!

It is with both sadness and anticipation that we let you know that after twenty-one plus years, we have played our last performance together as Tammerlin. Our return to Radio Live in Pensacola last month was a wonderful "homecoming". The folks at WUWF Radio have been enormously supportive of our music over these many years as have so many of you. It's been an amazing run. You can listen to that June 5, 2014 Radio Live broadcast. Here's the link! wuwf.org/programs/radiolive-archive

We are looking at this as a beginning, not an ending-a fresh start on new paths for each of us. Arvid will continue to perform with some of the local bands he has been involved with over the past few years, bringing his unique and adventurous style to all kinds of music. He's very excited about pursuing his solo performances and exploring all that can be discovered in his guitars and sitars. Lee will continue the work of Tammerlin, including the special concerts "Wintersong" and "Civil War & Seafaring Songs" and the educational and performance offerings through the Florida State Arts on Tour Program. She is looking forward to collaborating with new musical partners and finding fresh approaches to her songs and to the traditional material that she so loves to arrange. Already, we're excited to announce that Lee and our dear friend, Walter Parks, will be opening for Emmylou Harris at the Times-Union Center in in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, July 26!

We can't tell you how much your friendship and support of our music has meant to us. We hope that you will continue to be a part of our individual musical journeys.

You can keep up with Arvid's performance schedule and his blog musings by visiting his website at www.arvidsmith.com. We'll be posting some of his gigs here, too, for the time being. If you would like to contact Arvid directly, you can e-mail him at arvidsmith@att.net. You can e-mail Lee directly at lee@leehuntermusic.com.

And, for now, the Tammerlin website isn't going anywhere. You can still reach us through the website and keep up with what we're doing. We would, of course, love to hear from you! You can e-mail us at tammerlin@tammerlin.com. Or, you can visit us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/Tammerlin/ You are welcome to post comments and photos and invite your friends.

We look forward to seeing you out there somewhere!

Lee & Arvid

Upcoming Shows

Remember, all dates are subject to change, so you should contact the venue to confirm.

JULY 12- 8pm- Arvid w/Canary in the Coalmine at the Burro Bar, Jacksonville , FL- burrobarjax.com

JULY 17 and most Thursdays- 6pm- Arvid solo at Underbelly, Jacksonville , FL- underbellylive.com

JULY 26 - 8:00pm-Walter Parks and Lee Hunter open for Emmylou Harris, Times Union Center for the Performing Arts, Jacksonville, FLwww.jaxevents.com/venues/times-union-center-for-the-performing-arts/ Here's a link to Walter's website: www.walterparks.com/website/

AUG 8 - 7-10pm- Lee Hunter with Philip Pan and Charlotte Mabrey, Lillie's Courtyard, Neptune Beach, FL- www.lilliescoffeebar.com/

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Arvid's corner

Hello all. It has been a journey, an adventure and a course of learning that has enriched my life in uncountable ways. I will continue to draw from the lessons learned as I press on. Over the twenty-one years I have taken my life’s work to places I could not have imagined and performed with artists whom I had theretofore only experienced from the audience. I feel strongly that I have performed and composed some of the best music of my life through the Tory Voodoo/ Tammerlin creative lens.

I have admired Lee’s drive, determination and sound way of doing things in service to her art, and I know her new ventures will succeed as well. As for me, I do feel that when the lessons have been learned and the goals have been met, it is time to move on. I do intend to keep active as well and move head on into some long awaited new vistas.

Peace and Praises to all our wonderful friends. Stay Tuned…………Arvid


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Lee's Corner

As I think back on the more than two decades that Arvid and I spent traveling and playing music together, I have to say that it has been a remarkable adventure. I look at the friends we've made, from all over the world, and the places we've seen, and I feel so fortunate. Thank you, Arvid, for your encouragement, your inspiration, your patience and your belief in me. I would not have accomplished what I have accomplished if it were not for Arvid's talent and support. Everything has a life-span. It's important to recognize when it's time to move on. I am excited for Arvid as he heads down new musical paths and wish him all the success he so much deserves.

I know that I stand on all that we've done and look forward to going where my paths will lead me. I am thrilled to be collaborating with so many talented friends in the coming weeks and months. Please stay in touch....Lee



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Tammerlin Recordings

Roll Down Thy Window (1995) Binky Records (recorded as Tory Voodoo)

Third Weeks A’Lightnin’(1996) Binky Records

Wind Horses(2002) Binky Records

One Kind Favor(2005) BirdsTale Records

No Small Thing(2008)BirdsTale Records

WinterSong(2011)BirdsTale Records

There are a number of ways that you can purchase Tammerlin’s music. All of the information is on the “discography” page on our website.

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Let Us hear from you

You can reach us through our web site at www.tammerlin.com. You can e-mail your comments to tammerlin@tammerlin.com We would love to hear from you.

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