lee Hunter & Arvid Smith

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 Arvid Smith of Tammerlin (Lee Hunter & ArvidSmith) with Jean-Luc Brosse of Mary-Lou

Arvid & Jean-Luc of "Mary-Lou" 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at European Street for the 20th year celebration with Philip Pan, Lis and Lon Williamson, Jean-Luc and Felicie of Mary-Lou, Darren Ronan and Ernie Ealum and Charlotte Mabrey

The finale, 20th year celebration, European Street Listening Room

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, with Philip Pan and Darren Ronan

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL 

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin perform with mary-Lou at the Courtyard Concerts, Neptune Beach, FL

Tammerlin and Mary'Lou

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Deland Art Festival

"Blind Willie McTell" -Deland Art Festival

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith takes a solo

Nice solo!

Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin with Sue Cunningham at Suwannee Springfest

At Suwannee Springfest with special guest, Sue Cunningham

Arvid Smith of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith on sitar


 Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Riverside Arts Market with their "Wintersong" program

"Wintersong" at the Riverside Arts Market

for Radio Bleu in Sace, France, Festival de Sace

Live Radio performance in Sace, France

Lis and Lon Williamson of the Gatorbone band perform with Lee Hunter and Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the High Springs house concert

With Lis and Lon Williamson

Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Gamble Rogers Festival, ST. Augustine, FL

Gamble Rogers Festival

Lee Hunter and ARvid Smith of Tammerlin at the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Lodge, Hawthorne, FL with David Beede

At the Sandhill Stage at Prairie Creek Lodge

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin-Lee Hunter & Arvid Smith at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens with Charlotte Mabrey & Philip Pan

"St. Johns River Dream" at the Cummer Museum with Philip Pan and Charlotte Mabrey

Lee Hunter of Tammerlin at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens for "A Vision Awakening: A celebration of the Cummer Gardens" with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

"A Vision Awakening" at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens-Lee with Philip Pan and Kevin Bodge

Greetings & Music News

Hello friends!

I appreciate your patience as I transition the website from Tammerlin to Lee Hunter Music. This is probably the last time I'll use the Tammerlin newsletter. I think I've figured a few things out. We'll see....

I've used the quiet time over the summer to write some new songs, learn some great new covers and bring to life a song that's been around for a while but never really performed. I'm very excited about the new material! I've been going over it with different band members and things are looking (and sounding) promising!

Joey and I had such a successful evening at Mudville Grille back in June with Darren Ronan on drums, Ernie Ealum on bass, Walter Mingledorf on keyboards and Philip Pan on violin that we decided we had to do more shows together. Darren suggested we call ourselves "Lee Hunter & the Gatherers". After surveying a bit, we decided to stick to that name. Hey, it's way easier to remember than "Tammerlin"! We mostly do my songs and Joey's songs, but what I love about this band is that everybody is a great singer and many of us write songs, so we mix it up and feature each band member throughout the show. The best part.... we're all good friends. We genuinely enjoy each other's company and enjoy making music together. The audience can't help but join in the fun. We'll be at Mudville Grille in Jacksonville, FL again on October 29 and at the Deland Fall Arts Festival in Deland, FL on November 21.

Philip Pan and I are performing as a duo for the first time, which is turning out to be quite an interesting musical collaboration. We're playing at the Orange Park Fall Festival on Saturday, October 17 in Orange Park, FL. We've had to rethink material with just the rhythm guitar and violin. That process has been very creatively satisfying. Sometimes the songs take on a whole new personality! Philip and I will also be performing on a new local television show next month-a live show to be broadcast from Unity Plaza in the Brooklyn neighborhood. The show is called "River City Live". Joey and Philip and I are scheduled to perform on the show in November, too.

When Jean-Luc and Felicie (Mary-Lou) were visiting back in the spring, they sat down with a number of musician friends here in the states and recorded a couple of songs with each of us. The result is a CD called "Southern Sessions". It was mixed by none other than my very favorite engineer, Pete Winter, at Winterstone Productions in Tallahassee, FL. They advanced everybody some mp3 copies of the tracks. It sounds fantastic. I should have some of the CDs for sale at the upcoming shows!

Finally, a heads up if you're here in Florida. My dear friend, Joe Craven will be in the state in early November with his trio project, Mamajowali. Mamajowali is Joe on violin, mandolin and percussion, Walter Strauss on guitars and Mamadou Sidibi on kamale ngoni, a string instrument from Mali. The music is a glorious collision of Appachia meets West Africa. It's some of the most interesting and inspiring music I've heard lately. They'll be performing in a number of places around the state including here in Jacksonville at Mudville Grille on November 4, at the always wonderful Riverhawk Festival in Brookesville on the 7th and 8th, and Pretty Cool Music's series in St. Augustine the evening of November 8. joecraven.com/projects/

For all of you Pandora subscribers, you can listen to Tammerlin's "No Small Thing" CD on Pandora! I just learned that three CDs are available through Apple's Music service, "Wind Horses", "One Kind Favor" and "No Small Thing'.

During this transition, the Tammerlin website will still be accessible. I am no longer posting to the Tammerlin Facebook page. I am now posting to the "Lee Hunter Music" Facebook page. If you haven't already found it, just go to www.facebook.com/pages/Lee-Hunter-Music/

I sure hope to see you out there somewhere.


Upcoming Shows

Remember, all dates are subject to change, so you should contact the venue to confirm.

OCTOBER 17 - 1:00-1:45pm, Lee Hunter & Philip Pan at the Orange Park Fall Festival, Orange Park, FL - opfallfestival.com/

OCTOBER 29 - 7:30pm, Lee Hunter & the Gatherers with Joey Kerr, Darren Ronan, Ernie Ealum, Philip Pan and Walter Mingledorf, Mudville Grille, Jacksonville, FL - www.raylewispresents.com

NOVEMBER 3 - 11:00am-12 noon, Lee Hunter & Philip Pan on WJXT-TV's "River City Live" from Unity Plaza, Jacksonville, FL - www.news4jax.com/entertainment/rivercitylive/35433990

NOVEMBER 19 - 11:00am-12 noon, Lee Hunter, Joey Kerr & Philip Pan on WJXT-TV's "River City Live" from Unity Plaza, Jacksonville, FL - www.news4jax.com/entertainment/rivercitylive/35433990

NOVEMBER 21- 11am-noon on the Pioneer Park Stage, Lee Hunter & the Gatherers with Joey Kerr, Darren Ronan, Ernie Ealum and Walter Mingledorf, Deland Fall Arts Festival, Deland, FL - delandfallfestival.com


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Some Thoughts

I had the luxury of thinking a lot about music all summer. It allowed me to write some new songs and work up some arrangements of some songs I really love and want to perform. I am so fortunate to work with a talented and supportive group of musicians and friends. And....it's just so much fun! I look forward to sharing the new songs with you.

Last month I began doing some performances for an organization called Body & Soul. They are a local non-profit that connects artists with health care entities. Art can be powerfully healing, not just for patients but also for the people who care for them. Body & Soul has contracts with area hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities and provides performances and art experiences for patients and staff. So far, I've sung and played for patients in several area hospitals. It's been a moving and rewarding experience. I'm really glad to be a part of this organization. www.bodyandsouljax.com

The exhibit, "Reflections: Artful Perspectives on the St. Johns River" at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens in Jacksonville will close at the end of this month. The CD project, "A Vision Awkening" is part of that exhibit and is on sale in the museum gift shop. If you haven't seen "Reflections", you don't want to miss it. Each of the pieces in the exhibit makes a powerful statement about our river, about water and it's meaning to all of us and about our place in the natural world.

As I write this, water, that magical, mystical chemical is making a mess of the Carolinas. My beloved Charleston is struggling with flood waters, as are many other places. My heart goes out to all who are dealing with the deluge.

I recently revisited The Band's CD, "Jericho", which is the recording they were touring behind when Arvid and I opened for them here in Jacksonville. I think it was 1995. That experience is still one of the highlights of my career. It's been fun listening to the music again. It was The Band's version of Bob Dylan's "Blind Willie McTell" that inspired Arvid's and my version of the song. We argued about who was going to sing Levon Helms' part and who got Rick Danko's. Pretty fun! I've also been listening to Fairport Convention a bit. Just reminding myself of my roots....that's a good thing to do from time to time.

I just finished reading a book entitled "Bridge of Waves-What Music Is and How Listening To It Changes the World" by W.A. Mathieu. It's a fascinating read about how to approach listening and playing and performing, what music does to us physiologically and psychologically and perhaps, why. I'm enjoying stepping in and out of Bill Belleville's book of essays about water and waterways called "The Peace of Blue" (I'm detecting a theme here), and I'm about to dive into Alan Lomax's "The Land Where the Blues Began". It looks pretty amazing!

Be well, Lee



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Roll Down Thy Window (1995) Binky Records (recorded as Tory Voodoo)

Third Weeks A’Lightnin’(1996) Binky Records

Wind Horses(2002) Binky Records

One Kind Favor(2005) BirdsTale Records

No Small Thing(2008)BirdsTale Records

WinterSong(2011)BirdsTale Records

There are a number of ways that you can purchase music. All of the information is on the “discography” page on the website.

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You can still stay in touch through the web site at www.tammerlin.com. You can e-mail your comments to leehunterRSG@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

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